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Beautiful Cruel World - Chapter 48
"Ed-" I exclaimed.
'You idiot!" both of them shouted.
"What the hell are you doing here?!" Ed responded, his tone cold and fierce.
"Ed... I'm sorry, I-"
"I told you to stay in Central, where you would be safe!" Ed scolded, his eyes piercing into my soul. "Why are you always so stubborn?!"
I bit my lips, unable to answer anything else. He was right, if I hadn't disobeyed him, I would be safe and they would not have to worry. I didn't at all dare to look at Ed's face, only disappointment and anger painted on it.
"It seems like all of you know what is happening at the moment. However, I made a deal with the Phantom Alchemist," Kimblee said, smiling non-stop. "One word from her mouth about this and the two of you shall be... perished."
"Jude... you idiot! Why would you agree to this?!" Ed scolded.
"I thought we were sacrifices!" Al exclaimed. "Jude!"
"I did it because I care for you too!" I shouted over all their complaining. "Because I... I love you Ed!"
Ed's eyes widened and he was speec
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Beautiful Cruel World - Chapter 47
"So why exactly are you bringing me to the North to meet the Fullmetal Alchemist?" I asked, trying to look as though I wasn't at all suspicious about him.
He had taken me with him to a caboose in a train ride. Soldiers from the military were saluting us, for we were in a higher rank from any of them - A State Alchemist's rank is equivalent to a Major. And at this very moment, we were seated quietly in one of the private rooms in the caboose.
"Well, to be honest, I need your help," he said, his eyes narrowing as he pierced into my soul.
I gulped, trying not to flinch at his cold glare. I took in a deep breath, forcing myself to speak firmly. "In what?" I demanded, my voice cracking a little.
He chuckled a little, standing up from the velvet seats, walking over to me. I felt a small titch as he walked nearer to me. He circled around me, stroking my black hair. I forced myself not to show any repugnance or disgust at his bizarre actions.
"In what?" I repeated, louder this time, glaring da
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Beautiful Cruel World - Chapter 46
[Ed's P.O.V.]
"Hey Al," I hissed-whispered to Al as I glared at the small brat that was smiling innocently, only making me angrier and angrier. "What the hell are we doing here."
Selim had invited me into the Bradley mansion, in other words, their home. Her mom was seated beside him, smiling warmly at all of us. Jude was fidgeting slightly as she looked everywhere awkwardly.
"Sorry, this kid always admired the three of you," the lady gestured to all of us.
"Admired?" I thought in my head, smirking at the thought of someone finally admiring me.
"Selim loved alchemy?" Al asked.
"Yes!" Selim answered instantly. "My dream is to learn alchemy and become a state alchemist just like Edward and Jude!"
Al laughed and Jude was blushing as she stammered a 'thank you' to him. I was smiling uncontrollably as I thought of Selim become a state alchemist, just like me. But then, my thoughts drifted over to King Bradley, the homunculus. Did his family knew that he was a traitor of the country?
"I want
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Beautiful Cruel World - Chapter 45
"Colonel!" the two of us chorused at seeing the black-haired male driving a car.
We explained everything to him from the beginning. From when we last saw him to when we began to look for May Chang. Al was sitting in the back of the car, taking up the whole space. Ed, the Colonel and I were in the front, making me the one being squashed on the middle. The Colonel was acting rather different from usual, his hand was injured and his eyes seemed restless.
"Of course," I thought. "He must be really worries with Lt. Hawkeye at this point. Well, I can't really blame him. If I was in his position, I would do the same."
"I see," he said, distracting me from my thoughts. "Eastern Alchemy from Xing, huh? Got it."
He passed the sheet of paper with Al's drawing or the small 'cat' to Ed. Ed took it without glancing a single look at the Colonel.
"I'll ask around about it, too," the Colonel said expressionless.
"To be honest, I didn't really want to ask you for any favors..." Ed grumbled.
"Oh, yeah. S
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Beautiful Cruel World - Chapter 44
Ed had found Lieutenant Hawkeye's gun in his pocket, the gun that she had given to him the last time we met. Ed told me that we should return it back, so we headed straight to headquarters, where all the soldiers' dormitories were there. Ed knocked on the door, waiting for an answer. Once it was answered, to Ed's surprise, Black Hayate, Riza's dog had sprung up to Ed's face, knocking him down as he yelped.
"Hayate. No," Riza instructed the dog, as thought it was a soldier of the military. "Sorry about that."
I laughed quietly, helping Ed up as he groaned from the fall.
"It's fine... It happens a lot," Ed grinned.
"It's a relief to see that the two of you are all right," Riza said, smiling warmly at both of us.
"We heard about it," Ed said, changing the subject.  "Assistant to the Fuhrer President?"
"Yeah," Riza said. She was still smiling, but her eyes weren't able to lie ; she was terribly sad.
The Lieutenant let us into her home. Books were scattered everywhere and boxes were pl
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Beautiful Cruel World - Chapter 43
- An earlier update as a present for all my followers and to celebrate 1K+ views. I know I write a lot of chapters and so it's rather expected of that, but thank you all! This chapter was dedicated to SliverCrimson No_giving_up sweet_demon14
Love you guys, enjoy! ^-^ -
[Jude's P.O.V.]
"Hey, where the hell are you taking us?" Ed asked Envy.
I was still in Ed's arms, trying to get as close to his chest for it was rather cold down here. We were in the underground floors of Central City, so there were tons of pipes leading to other people's houses. It was dark and unexpected chilling, making me feel slightly claustrophobic because of the small corridors.
"Get in," Envy ordered roughly as he opened a door.
We hesitated for a bit before finally walking inside the fully lit, white room. The doors closed automatically and I noticed that this wasn't a room, but a lift. We were moving up, I could feel it even though I wasn't touching the ground. Envy had changed his form into a military soldier
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Beautiful Cruel World - Chapter 42
[Ed's P.O.V.]
"What a waste of time," Father said, taking a single step forward.
A large gust of wind was formed, making me close one eye as I tried to tell what was happening. Red sparks were surrounding him, and I felt as if energy was being drained out of my body. I fell on my knees, trying to comprehend what just happened. I turned to Al, who had the same thought as me.
We clapped our hands together and placed them on the ground, hoping that something would happen. There was no sound from the transmutation, and no circle appeared the moment we put our hands on contact to the ground.
"We can't use alchemy?!" I gasped.
I quickly turned to look at how Jude was doing, but I felt a great weight been put on my shoulders as I was pinned on the ground by one of Envy's hands. I clicked my tongue, trying to at least steal a glimpse of Jude - but she wasn't there.
"Ed! Al!" I heard her soft voice call out as she approached us.
She clapped her hands, trying to form something but like us - she
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Beautiful Cruel World - Chapter 41
-An apology for my lack of update, enjoy!-
[Jude's P.O.V.]
With a battle cry we went into battle, my small hands grasping onto the handle of the iron scythe. Then, we froze as we noticed that Envy was already jumping at us, making splashing noises as his feet met the bloody ocean. We all yelped as the waves of his impact washed us away from each other.
I gasped, trying to spit out the blood that entered my mouth. My eyes widened as I caught a glimpse of Envy swinging his tail towards Ed.
"Ed! Look out!" I tried to speak.
He got hit by the tail, sending him flying a few yards away. He probably broke a rib or two... I clenched my fist onto my scythe, feeling hatred starting to swell inside me.
"YOU BASTARD!" I called out, running over to the giant creature.
He used his long paw to hit me, but I jumped, dodging his attack as I climbed up his body. I swung my scythe, making deep wounds on his back that only resulted streaking cries from the heads that were poking out of his body. Ling ran
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Beautiful Cruel World - Chapter 40
Ed and Ling lit a fire to cook his boot. I was rather relieved that I wasn't going to eat a boot that was... well, with his original foot, since he wore that boot with his automail. Ed smirked, telling me that it should be done cooking by now. Ling was staring at the piece of leather from his boot in disgust and I giggled at his disturbed expression.
"You don't have athlete's foot, do you?" Ling blurted with a grimaced face.
Ed's face turned from a smile to a frown as he glared daggers at Ling with his usual cold expression.
"Do I look like I do, dumbass?!" Ed demanded, lifting up his automail foot.
After we ate, we sighed and lied on the hard rocky ground, looking at the endless black ceiling (if it really even was a ceiling). Ling apologized to us, telling us that it was his foolishness that had made us get involved in this. I smiled warmly, telling him that it was all right for Ed and I had rather more taught training than this kind of situation.
"It kind of annoys me the fact that
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Beautiful Cruel World - Chapter 39
I was awaken by the sound of people screaming. My eardrums were throbbing madly and my head ached. My eyes fluttered open and I gasped when I found myself in the middle of a blood ocean, deathly pale corpses lying motionless on the surface.
My eyes widened and I quickly stood up, trying to squirm away from the corpses.
"Wha- where am I?!" I shouted, falling over by a corpse behind me.
There, I saw my sister and brother's corpses lying silently and a smile painted on their lips.
I screamed, covering my face with my now pale hands. How?... Did Gluttony swallow them?... It can't be, they died in Central City... I saw them!
I blinked, shaking my head as I sobbed.
"Livia... Lloyd..." I lamented. "I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry!!"
I kept sobbing uncontrollably and my hands were trembling as though they were in ice. I cried and cried, longing to find someone I knew in this abyss, but my legs wouldn't respond to my commands. They were rooted to the ground.
"Ed... Please... Help..." I tried to sp
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Beautiful Cruel World - Chapter 38
Thinking to be facing reality once again, I opened my heavy eyes to find myself in complete darkness. It was like an abyss, with an endless bottom. My body felt weak and fatigue, like it just ran a marathon and trying to recover my strength.
Was I dead? Was this what people would call hell or heaven? Just blackness? Will anybody remember my name? Will anybody miss me?
There was only one person who I feared not to see again - Ed.
He was probably the only reason why I was able to be alive then, he saved my life so many times; I can't possibly give him something of equivalent exchange for this. I might as well die and stop being a burden to him.
Just as I was about to close my eyes, I smelt something. It was oddly familiar - the scent. It smelt like something that I really loved. I stretched out my hand, reaching out for a light that was approaching towards me.
"Ed?" I whispered.
[Ed's P.O.V.]
"Jude!" I screamed, holding her cold body to mine closely. "Wake up, dammit!"
We managed to shak
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Beautiful Cruel World - Chapter 37
I am so so sorry for the lack of update! ;-; I apologize! Anyway, enjoy!
[Ed's P.O.V]
Jude didn't seem to remember me at all... just fragments of the memories that has passed by were in her head. I sighed and closed my eyes as I sat back on the couch, completely unsure of what to say to her once she wakes up.
"Does this mean she will forget every single moment we spent together?" I asked to none in particular.
"What are you muttering about?" I heard Winry ask beside me.
"Do you think she'll remember us?" I asked her, not even bothering to open my eyes.
"I'm sure she will," she said.
I grumbled, opening my eyes and folding my arms as I frowned. I felt rather sorrowful and disappointed that Jude wouldn't be able to remember me. I wanted her to remember me.
"Oh stop slouching," Winry nagged. "She might as well not remember you in this way."
"I can't help it! I feel uneasy whenever I think that she will never remember me!" I spat back.
"Then make her remember!" Winry finished.
"This is all
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Beautiful Cruel World - Chapter 36
Akitla was desperately trying to convince us to let her fight with us in this mission; so we finally agreed and explained the whole plan to her. Then, we began loitering around Central City, peeling our eyes and ear to catch any information about Scar's whereabouts. But there was no news at all.
"Fullmetal," a familiar voice called out.
"Colonel Mustang," I saluted.
Lt. Riza Hawkeye was driving a black cab, carrying Colonel Mustang in it as he spoke to us. We were in the streets of Central, and it was rather weird of the Colonel to come all the way here just for nothing; so I assumed he was looking for us.
"It's a relief to see you have been discharged from the hospital," I said, leaning on the cab.
"I've heard about Jude..." his voice was deep and serious and I flinched, trying not to picture Jude's deathly white corpse.
I placed my finger on my lips, indicating him that we were in public. He nodded his head, gesturing to a small deserted alley.
"She is safe in the hospital," Colonel
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